Parent/ School Partnership

No school is successful in teaching basic principles of life without the support and cooperation of the home and the church. Mt. Olives Adventist School believes that there should be a working relationship between the parent, pastor and school for the welfare and the continued growth of the student. Letters or phone calls from the school will not necessarily mean that serious problems have arisen, but may indicate a desire to counsel together before a student faces serious difficulty.
Inquiries and parental visits to the school are always encouraged by appointment.
It is essential to maintain a positive relationship between the school and parents, guardians, or others responsible for the student. Every attempt will be made to achieve harmonious solutions to differences or misunderstandings. Failure to reach accord and receive support may result in a request that the student be withdrawn from the school program.
The administration reserves the right to question a student about his or her behavior at any time without parental consent.




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