Mount Olives Adventist School (MOAS) believes in wholistic education, defined as the harmonious development of all the faculties of a person – physical, spiritual, intellectual and social. We prepare our learners for this life and the eternal life through incorporating co- curricular activities in our learning.

MOAS offers the following co-curricular activities.

Gardening, Music, French, Cookery, Swimming

Our learners are practically guided on how to perform land practices in the school garden including, land preparation, preparation of nursery bed, transplanting, watering of crops, mulching, weeding and harvesting. This we do to make our learners well-rounded and functioning members of the society.

Music enhances the learners’ memory and encourages discipline. At MOAS we nurture the talents in our learners by offering the following music classes: piano, violin, recorder, guitar and theory lessons.

MOAS offers French as a foreign language. With French as an additional language the learners’ competitiveness in the international labour market is significantly boosted.

We believe that cooking with children is not just about ingredients and recipe. It is about harnessing imagination and empowering creativity all with Christ. MOAS provides adequate cookery lessons to prepare our learners to be responsible people and becoming self-reliant in the society.

Swimming offers the children an opportunity to build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. A social sport it enables children to building relationship with each other.



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